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Structural and General Engineering Features:

Project will be planned and designed by professional Architects, Structural, electrical and plumbing design engineers.

Structural design parameters will be based on American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Standards of testing Materials (ASTM) and BNBC codes.

Building will comprise of reinforced cement concreted (R.C.C) Foundation, Column, beam and slab considering earthquake and wind effect with effect with modern design concepts as per BNBC code of practices applicable for Dhaka, Bangladesh, Stone chips shall be used in R.C.C for Foundation.

All structural including steel {60 grade deformed steel bar (12mm-25mm) manufactured by SERM/RAHIM/ANOWER, cement (Fresh/Premiere Anower etc),solid bricks(1st class) shell be manufactured by reputed manufacturers, Brick chips ,stone chips, syhlet sand etc, will be highest available quality.

Concrete works attaining a crushing strength of minm.2500 psi to 3500 psi (cyl.test) at 28 days will be used depending on design and concrete mix ratio, and water /cement ratio as per BNBC codes.

Fill foundation, will be casted by stone chips and M.S 60 grade deform bar will be used in column , column bar ,grade beam.

Structure is capable of consuming earthquakes up to 8 on Richter scale and protection from Cyclonic storms (210km) per hours.

Individual Amenities of Apartment :


Solid Decorative main entrance door with impressive main door lock, Check viewer, calling bell switch ,decorative apartment no, etc, imported good quality internal door lock, will be used in internal door . Veneered flush door Shutters with French polish in internal rooms and verandah location. Main door frame will Gamari/Mehogoni/Loha & Palla Segun/ Malaysian & Gamari, internal door frame will be Mehogoni & Palla will be Flush Door (Akij/Partex/Local)

Toilet doors will PVC RFL/United/Equivalent all verandah doors will be outer – side water proof laminated.


3inch section (minm:1.0mm thick) Aluminum sliding windows, 5 mm thick color glass with mohair lignin and rainwater barrier in aluminum  section as per architectural design of the building .Safety grilles (4 mm thick) in all windows with matching enamel paint.


Ø External and internal walls of 5 inch thick 1st class bricks, Wall surfaces of smooth finished plaster.


Ceramics Tiles in floor and skirting  (4 inch height) of allrooms and verandahs, (size: 16'x 16) (RAK/CBC/Fun-wang) Plastic Paint in alf internal walls and distemper in ceiling of soft colour (Berger/Elite/Equivalent) French.polish in door frame & shutter.


 Exterior walls of Durocem/whether proof paint (Berger/Elite/Equivalent).


STAR (Model day by day-without marble shade) equivalent Commode with lowdown and pedestal basin(Model day by day without marble shade) or RAK (Carla model) in master & Child Toilet others bathroom will have orlental pan (Star Model day by day)/RAK(Carla) and Pedestal.basin. Glazed ceramic-wall tiles in all bathroom up to ceiling (Size:8x12)(Fu-Wang/CBC/RAK) Matching non slip ceramic floor tiles in all bathrooms (size 12x12) (Fu-Wang/CBC/RAK) Good quality local made CP fittings Le.Towet rail, Soap case, shower, paper holder etc. in all bathroom. (SHARIEF/SATTAR/NAZMA/Equivalent). storage space over toilet (R.C.C false Celling) Hot cold water provision in master bathroom Good quality PVC (P.P.R) pipe will be used in toilet (RFL/national polymer Navana/ equivalent)


Double burner gas outlet-over concrete platform finished with matching wall tile. Ceramic wall tiles up to 36" height (size:8"x12) RAK/CBC/ MIR/ Grate wall) in front of kitchen stab without border. Matching ceramic tiles in floor (size:12 x12) one stainless steel (18 x36") Sink (RFL/local) Good quality PVC or P.PR. will be used in kitchen (national polymer/RFL/Navana) Provision for Exhaust fan.



Ø Good quality Super Star safe switch /Equivalent switches, sockets, TV and Telephone gang switch.(SUPAR STAR)

Ø Circuit breakers, plug points etc.

Ø Provision Air conditioner in master bed & living Concealed fan hook.

Ø Concealed electric wiring.

Ø Concealed Dish antenna lines in living room & master bed room Concealed fan hook.

Ø Verandahs with suitable light point.

Ø Separate electric distribution box in each apartment.

Ø Concealed intercom line (Guard room to apartment)

Ø Electric wires (BRB/BBS/City)

Ø Emergency electricity connection in lift, lobby, pumps, intercom service.

Ø Parking area, reception area, security room and main gate, two emergency lights, and. two fan points for each apartment.



Ø Secured decorative MS gate with lamp as per elevation & perspective of the building.

Ø Attractive apartment logos.

Ø Comfortable Internal driveway.

Ø Guard post.


Ø Reception desk with intercom set.

Ø  Intercom connection from every apartment to reception.

 Lift Lobbies & Staircases:

Ø One (1) nos, of imported ACWVF type passengers lift of 6 persons capacity, (Property /Asian/China Equivalent)

Ø Spacious lobby in each floor.

Ø Floor tiles in all lobbies and staircase with proper lighting system.


Ø Clothing drying area for drying laundry.

Ø Gardening area.

Ø Protective Parapet wall.


Ø Water line connection from WASA.

Ø Individual double banner gas connection. (Subject to permission of TITAS) Government.


Ø Lime tracing in roof-top to protect from overheating.

Ø Parapet wall up to 9-6"feet height in roof top.

Ø Under ground water reservoir for 2 days water storage.

Ø Good quality water pumps (Gazi/RFL/Equivalent).



Application for allotment of apartments should be made on the prescribed application form duly signed by the applicant along with the 25s earnest- money and other necessary documents.


The buyer will make the payment as per payment schedule. A /C payee cheque or bank draft or pay-order or cash in favor of ASSORT PROPERTIES LTD. payment from overseas in US Dollars or EURO are to be calculated at the prevailing official conversion rate Bangladeshi taka on the date of payment.


 The allottee undertakes to pay delay charge at the rate of 12% per monthly on the amount of payment delayed beyond the due date. if the payment is delayed for 45 days, the company has the right to cancel the allotment without any notice to the allottee in such cash buyers deposited amount will be refunded after sale out the same apartment to a new buyers also an amount of 10% of total paid not less then TK1,50,000/-amount will be deducted from the buyers deposited amount for incidental charges.


The developers reserves the right to make any alteration, Commission revising of the total or any part of the architectural and structural design or working drawing and limited change can be made in specification for overall interest of the project without any notice to the buyer or any legal authority.


The buyer will pay stamps duties, registration fees taxes, Legal and govt. charges, VAT and other miscellaneous expenses likely to be incurred in connection with the registration of deed.


Connection charges /fees security deposits and other incidental charges/ expenses relating to gas water, sewerage and electric connection etc, are not included with apartments cost The buyer will also make these payments.


After full payment of Instalment and other charges the possession of each apartment shall be handed over to the buyer. Until and unless dues are not clear, possession of the apartment will be hold by the company. .


The buyer must undertake to become a member of the owner’ association, which will be formed by the owners of the apartments with the view to maintaining the general affairs of the complex for common interest Each apartment owner must initially deposit TK25,000/- (Twenty Five Thousand Taka) only to the reserve fund before handing over apartments.